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My Background

I entered the world of aromatherapy through my boss's recommendation.

Next, I entered the world of esthetics, where Ican make you even more beautiful.

As I touched my customers' skin, I realized that it had a big impact on their minds.

At that time, I discovered MANA Cards at Hula. So I began my career as MANA Cards therapist.

From body to mind

From mind to body


I opened the salon BelleNatural in Osaka that offers natural beauty in 2014. I moved to Fukuoka in 2020.

Now I went to college and became an acupuncturist.​​​

Unusually for the beauty industry, I always wear no makeup.​

My fans love my down-to-earth personality. 


My Belief

I believe that when the body (skin) is unwell, the mind (soul) is unwell.


Aren't you pushing yourself too hard? Are you ignoring your own needs? Do you know your desires? What are you working hard for? Are you always straining yourself?


Developmental studies have shown that hand treatment of your skin can also relax your brain(heart).

「When I treat your skin, I treat your heart. Relax at BelleNatural and pamper yourself. 」

This is quickest route to regaining your natural beauty.

I approach each and every customer with that in mind.

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