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Skin I aim for

「TAMAHADA」 -smooth to touch, glossy feel, shiny skin that reflects light-


That's the kind of skin we're aiming for

Each one is different and each one is beautiful.

It restores the natural beauty of your skin without the hassle of makeup.

We provide such esthetics!


My Approach 

First remove!

 It helps us eliminate waste products from your body. To detoxify!

Things that your body does not need, only have a negative effect, such as constipation.

Next give!

What we focused on as a complement was DNA.

Our bodies are made up a blueprint called DNA.

When DNA is damaged by UV rays or ageing, it has a detrimental effect on your skin and body,

We use a combination of anti-aging cosmetics that protect and nourish your DNA. This will hopefully lead to greater synergy.

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